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Families Matter tour: Parents urged to stop loved ones travelling to Syria

A workshop will be held in Leeds tomorrow in an effort to reach out to parents and families to tackle threats of extremism.

FAST Families Matter

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UK-based organisation Families Against Stress and Trauma (FAST) will hope to empower through a series of workshops, film showcases and one-to-one advice through its Families Matter campaign.

The campaign has been launched in light of the three schoolgirls from London who travelled to Syria who apparently left to join Islamic State (IS) militants.

“As parents it is important that we take responsibility”

Saleha Jaffer, the founder of FAST, said: “Enough is enough. We can no longer sit by and watch as children from across the country are stolen from families by the lies and false-promises made by extremists.

“As parents it is important that we take responsibility and play our part in stopping children travelling to Iraq or Syria, which is in most cases a one-way ticket, to join perpetrators of the most evil and heinous crimes.

“It is vital that we understand the risks our children face and are able to engage with them in order to have a frank and honest two-way conversation about this complicated subject.”

The National Police Counter Terrorism Network and partners also launched a campaign designed to prevent young people travelling to Syria earlier this month.

The FAST workshop in Leeds tomorrow is part of a nationwide tour which is also visiting East London, Liverpool, Leicester, Luton and Stoke-on-Trent this month.

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