Published On: Mon, Jun 8th, 2015 on 1:24 pm

Far-right supporter reported for violent threats to Muslims and Pakistanis

EXCLUSIVE: A far-right supporter was reported to a hate crime helpline after posting indirect violent threats and using racist language towards Muslims and Pakistanis.


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Tell MAMA, a nationwide project launched by not-for-profit organisation Faith Matters, received a report on 1 June from Leeds, after a man sent online threats.

The man also used the words “Muzzies” and “P*kis”.

On the same day, a man in London was reported to Tell MAMA after verbally abusing a visibly-dressed Jewish woman he mistook for a Muslim.

Three days later in London, a visible female convert was assaulted as she walked to pick her children up from school.

At first the altercation was verbal but it turned violent as the Muslim convert soon found herself having her hijab torn off as punches were also thrown at her.

Two women were arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated assault and were later released on bail to return at a later date.


Founder and director of Faith Matters, Fiyaz Mughal OBE, said: “The kinds of anti-Muslim activities that we are seeing are troubling since we know that what we are picking up is the tip of what may be taking place due to under-reporting and especially by Muslim women.

“However, not a week goes by without more women being targeted because of their visibility, meaning that they wear the Hijab or the niqab (face veil). Anti-Muslim hate at a street level is male on female gender prejudice and is gender and religiously targeted.”

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