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Fireworks, stones and eggs thrown at Yorkshire fire crew on Bonfire Night

Fireworks Fired At Firefighters Leeds

Footage taken from a firework attack last year

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service chiefs have condemned the actions of individuals who subjected crews in the Keighley area to attacks on Bonfire Night.

A string of incidents took place in Keighley yesterday evening, including one attack on the fire station premises, in which crews had to be temporarily relocated to the nearby police station.

The first incident was recorded at 8.48pm in Haworth as a crew attended fire in open in Highfield Lane, Keighley, and had to withdraw due to youths throwing fireworks at them.

Around 30 minutes later, a crew attended a fire in a takeaway shop on Belgrave Road but had to withdraw due to having eggs thrown at them.

At 9.49pm, a skip in the yard at Keighley Fire Station was deliberately set on fire by youths.

The Haworth engine was on standby duties whilst the Keighley engine was attending another incident. When firefighters went to deal with the skip fire they came under attack from youths throwing stones.

At 9.58pm, the Haworth crew was deployed to a fire on Belgrave Road again and around 30 youths had barricaded the road and set a fire.

The Haworth engine came under attack during which the engine’s windscreen was broken by missiles. Crews withdrew from the area and the Haworth engine had to be taken off the run.

At 10.40pm, due to local civil disturbance in the Keighley area, the WYFRS ‘Bonfire Response Plan’ was put into place.

It meant a temporary relocation of the Keighley wholetime engine and Silsden retained engine to the nearby police station in Royd Ings Avenue, from where they were deployed.

Crews then continued to attend incidents alongside police.

Area manager for fire safety, Ian Bitcon, said: “We completely condemn these abhorrent actions which put our firefighters in jeopardy.

“Not only that but the Haworth engine had to be temporarily taken off the run on the fire service’s busiest night of the year due to a broken windscreen which costs in the region of £2,000 to buy and fit.

“We are currently working alongside police and will be providing our silent witness CCTV footage to aid their investigation.”

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  1. Troy says:

    Fire crews are just doing their job they don’t deserve this.

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