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Five-week kitten thrown out of moving car in Boothtown, Halifax

Cat Thrown Out Of Car Halifax

The cat wrapped up before it was taken to the vets

A five-week-old kitten was flung out of a moving car in Boothtown, Halifax, and left for dead.

It was spotted by a local resident who was walking back home after using a cash machine on Boothtown Road.

The woman’s mother, Anne Holmes, told the Yorkshire Standard: “She thought the occupants had thrown some rubbish out of the window.

“But when she got closer she realised it was a kitten so she brought it home and I rang the RSPCA. I waited about half an hour for them to get back in touch.”

The kitten was wrapped up and Ms Holmes and her daughter decided to take it to the local vets themselves.

Ms Holmes, who owns pets herself, said: “I think the kitten lived about a week but it had too many injuries to survive any more surgery. The vet said the kitten was only about five-weeks-old. It’s very sad and very cruel.”

The kitten had a broken leg as well as other injuries, and was eventually put down.

According to the statistics made public by the RSPCA in June, West Yorkshire came out as the worst region across England and Wales for the number of people convicted of animal welfare offences.

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