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Food bank frustration in West Yorkshire: ‘Not enough long-term solutions on offer’

Feeding Britain Report Yorkshire

A parliamentary report which aims to end hunger in the UK by 2020 has outlined concerns made by some food banks in West Yorkshire.

The new Feeding Britain report was compiled with the help of Conservative and Labour MPs as well as church leaders to understand the extent and geographical spread of hunger and food poverty in the UK, and to investigate its underlying causes.

It highlighted the frustration among some food banks across West Yorkshire who believed there were “not enough long-term solutions on offer”.

It also noted: “One of the issues addressed by some food banks is their clients’ ability to cope on a low income.

“The evidence suggests there is a great deal of help needed by some individuals and families, who may lack vital budgeting and cooking skills, if they are to develop the required level of resilience to help prevent them from slipping back into food poverty in future.”

Yorkshire and the Humber was also mentioned by the Northern Housing Consortium, who said: “Areas in both Yorkshire and Humber and in the North East report spikes in food bank usage around August, coinciding with the school holidays.”

Senior bishop of the Anglican Church, Justin Welby, backed the findings in the report and called for a radical overhaul of the country’s welfare system to ensure that the hunger that “stalks large parts of our country” is eliminated.

In April this year, figures released by the Trussell Trust showed that foodbanks across the Yorkshire and Humber saw a 260% rise in clients compared to the previous financial year.

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