Published On: Fri, Feb 28th, 2014 on 7:16 pm

Fraudsters are posing as police and bank workers


Fraudsters have been posing as police officers and bank employees to make people give out their bank cards and information, it has been revealed.

West Yorkshire Police is currently investigating around ten courier fraud offences in Leeds and Wakefield, but want people across the whole county to be aware of the tactics used by the fraudsters.

They are calling victims claiming to either work for the police, a bank or a building society, saying that there has been an issue with the victim’s account, in some cases, saying there has been fraudulent activity detected.

The caller then asks a series of security questions, including asking for the PIN number, and then advises that someone will come to collect the card.

A taxi driver or courier goes to the victim’s address and collects the card later on.

Detective Constable Mick Wilson, of the Economic Crime Unit, said: “The police, banks and building societies do not operate in this way and you should not disclose your PIN number to anyone regardless of who they claim to work for. You should also never hand your bank card over in this way.

“If there is a requirement for you to be issued with a new card then the old card will be left with you to dispose of securely.”

If you think yourself, or anyone else, has been a victim of such an offence then please report it by calling the police on 101.

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