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Geminids: Shooting stars to light up parts of Yorkshire sky tonight

Huddersfield Observatory

Robert Williams, HAPS president alongside the observatory telescope.

Yorkshire will be one of the clearest places in the UK to see a spectacular meteor shower tonight.

Providing conditions are clear, the Geminid meteor shower will start to be visible from 10pm and could produce between 50 and 100 shooting stars a minute.

Experts say tonight will be the best time to see them.

The Huddersfield Astronomical And Philosophical Society (HAPS), who also run the Huddersfield observatory located off Blackmoorfoot Road, have already seen signs of the meteors.

Robert Williams, the President of HAPS and observatory director, said: “I’ve seen pictures and descriptions of observations.

“To see the meteor shower, you don’t need a telescope. The best way to see the meteors would be to find a place away from the street lights, and look above the horizon after it gets dark mainly 7 o’ clock onwards.”

Providing the sky is clear next week, HAPS will be hosting an open evening at the observatory.

Meteor showers usually occur when cosmic debris enters the Earth’s atmosphere and burns up.

Geminids are pieces of debris from an object called 3200 Phaethon. Long thought to be an asteroid, Phaethon is now classified as an extinct comet.

The Geminids are different to other meteor showers as its meteors originate from an asteroid as opposed to a comet, meaning they are very rocky and gritty which makes them easier to see than other meteor showers.

NASA will be doing a live stream of the meteor shower from the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. Watch it below.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

More photographs were taken of the Huddersfield observatory by our photographer/reporter. They are available to view and buy here.

Taken a photo of a meteor? Email us!

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