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George Galloway MP: “I receive threats of violence every single day”

EXCLUSIVE: Respect party MP George Galloway has spoke out about the threats of violence he receives on what he claims is a daily basis.

George Galloway

George Galloway MP.

The Bradford West MP, outspoken for his views on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and a staunch critic of Israel, claims he even receives death threats.

Some of the threatening messages sent to the MP were shared exclusively to the Yorkshire Standard, and read:

‘hurry up and die u anti English p****’


‘A lot of people would pay good money to see the s*** kicked out of Galloway. I would!!’

Some of the messages have reportedly been referred for police action.

“I receive threats of violence every single day”

Mr Galloway said: “I was assaulted three times in four months.

“And you can say, I receive threats of violence every single day, and deaths threats regularly. I pass them all on to the police, but nothing ever happens, and no-one ever gets arrested.”

Mr Galloway made an appearance on BBC Question Time as a panelist on Thursday 5 February this week.

The recording took place at a venue in Finchley, an area in north London that has the largest Jewish community of any parliamentary constituency in the UK.

After the recording of the show, a dozen pro-Israeli supporters photographed waving flags allegedly attacked his car as he left the venue.

“Even after my long political life it really surprises me”

Mr Galloway said: “You cannot have elected politicians and parliamentarians being attacked on the street.

“Two days ago people were kicking the car in front of the police outside the BBC Question Time venue. If these were Muslims kicking the car of a pro-Israeli MP in Bradford, they’d be under arrest.

“And not one newspaper or so-called leader of the Jewish community has condemned these assaults. The double standards are so brazen, even after my long political life it really surprises me.”

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Hasan Faridi

- Hasan is the founder and editor-in chief of the Yorkshire Standard. A BA Hons graduate from the University of Huddersfield, he has over four years of experience in newspapers, magazines and radio.

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  1. Terry says:

    Could any MP give a speech remarking muslims are not welcome in there constituency? Galloway has made it clear many times in public Israeli (Jewish) people are not welcome in Bradford. Does that include the millions of Israeli Arabs who have more rights, freedoms and prospects in Israel than in any Arab country. The overt Anti-Semitic remarks he uses to pander to muslim voters tell you all you need to know about this corrupt fool. He does anything to stay in the public eye, Big Brother, backing Islamic fundamentalists you name it he’s there.

    • Bashir Shah says:

      How narrow-minded and foolish comments. Israel isnt just JEWISH (a fact Zionists go to point out when it suits them).

      Israel is a Terrorist state which practices and sanctioms barbaric and inhumane atrocities daily.

      Unlike other rogue states in the ME – also as vile – Israel is ethnic cleansing an entire population and it does it violating UN resolutions and with approval from US and UK backing.

      An Israel-free zone is ALL ISRAELIS – and since Zionists don’t class arabs as semites, you can’t go crying “Anti-semitism” either.

      Can’t have it both ways. Either the rogue state is anti-semetic itself for its atrocities against Palestinians and its suffering anti-semetism because it considers arabs as semites too, OR it doesn’t consider anyone else but Jews as semites (ironic since most Israeli jews are from Europe not Arabs) ergo it doesn’t consider non-jewish Israelis as equals.

      Make your mind up!

  2. Bob says:

    Mr Galloway is a trouble maker and sais what he does under his guise as an MP. If he didn’t have this status to hide behind he would be in prison for exciting religious hatred.

  3. Phylip Rees says:

    Galloway speaks of double standards, but the reality is this; the Jewish citizens of this country are not trying to undermind deomcrasy in the UK, while fundamental islam does not and cannot accept democrasy which is in conflict with Islam; hence islamic terroism.

    • Lucy says:

      Have you seen all the Islamic countries already practicing ‘democracy’, there’s quite a lot.

      ‘fundamental islam does not and cannot accept democrasy which is in conflict with Islam; hence islamic terroism.’

      So those who do not practice democracy are helping terrorism in some way? Correct me if I’m wrong or do explain, because I was laughing at your dumb comment.

  4. Mike says:

    I’m not a GG fan by any stretch, but the man receives more abuse per month than the entire Jewish population of the UK put together.

  5. tom says:

    no one attacked his car, watch the video, it is a lie, ask a jew in Bradford and see if he feels safer or less safe after George galloways anti Israel speech, no one will see this comment though…except Hasan Faridi…who will reject it for not being anti semitic

    • brian higgs says:

      i dont agree with galloway on many points but he has a point in regards to being heckled during question time and after. and bradford is a lovely place regardless of who lives there, no-one feels unwelcome so stop your yapping

      • UK Comment says:

        Panelists get heckled on Question Time every week – it’s part of the deal. What’s so precious about George Galloway? Can he only function when at one of his own stage managed rallies or under the guise of parliamentary privilege? Sensitive soul may be better off out of politics. If he can’t take it then he shouldn’t dish it out. Pathetic little man.

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