Published On: Fri, Dec 26th, 2014 on 2:42 pm

Good Samaritans give out Christmas gifts to West Yorkshire’s needy

Speedo Shy Christmas Gifts To Homeless

EXCLUSIVE: A team of good Samaritans have spent Christmas giving out gifts to those in need in West Yorkshire.

Led by Shayan Shayegani, better known as Speedo Shy, the team visited Bradford, Leeds and Huddersfield to hand out food and presents to those who would be spending Christmas out in the cold.

Shayan said: “Homelessness in not a choice. So team Speedo got out and bought loads of gifts and gave out clothes, socks, gloves, hats, coats, scarfs, food, desserts and water.

“We do this every Christmas as the homeless deserve Christmas too, but I was pretty shocked to be honest, as there were more people in need up north than last year when we went down south.”

Watch the video below.

Speedo regularly uploads videos of pranks, and has over one million views on his YouTube channel.

To see more of his videos, please visit You can also find him on Facebook at and on Twitter @SpeedoShy.

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