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Halifax man recounts moment he walked outside and found car standing upright

EXCLUSIVE: A resident from the town of Halifax has recounted the moment he walked outside his house and found a car standing upright.

Halifax Car Crash

Michael Verity of Claremount Road, Boothtown, found the car outside his door two years ago after he heard a loud bang from inside his home.

Halifax Car CrashHe said: “Me and my family were having our tea and we heard a big bang. We wondered what it was and it seemed to have come from outside so I went out.

“A car on the opposite side of the road had crashed into a garden wall, and it was standing up. I had never seen anything like it before and we wondered whether anyone was hurt. My son immediately went to the phone and dialled 999.”

“Called him an idiot”

According to Michael, a driver was still inside the car and managed to squeeze out himself.

He said: “The guy who climbed out wasn’t hurt, but he looked very shocked. It looked like he had been drink-driving.

“The man whose wall he destroyed came out and called him an idiot. It was the first thing he said. But the police and ambulance arrived quickly and the man who crashed was taken away after some check-ups. Neighbours were taking photos on their mobiles.

“It was really lucky the driver didn’t hurt anyone. And he nearly died. Whether or not he was drink-driving or not, speed can kill and he somehow managed to survive.”

The road now has signs of 20mph and road bumps have also been introduced.

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