Published On: Sun, Nov 2nd, 2014 on 4:30 pm

Halloween pumpkin started house fire in Leeds

Halloween Pumpkin

A pumpkin left unattended on a windowsill started a blaze that resulted in a house fire on Halloween.

At around 6.18pm on 31 October, two fire engines from the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service had to be called out to an emergency at Lupton Avenue, Harehills, Leeds.

When they got to the building, firefighters discovered a house fire, which was later put out with minor damage caused.

It was discovered the fire was caused by a pumpkin that had been left unattended on a windowsill which ignited the curtains.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer of the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Steve Beckley, said: “The fire which started from a pumpkin shows just how easily a blaze can catch hold if combustible material, such as curtains, is near a naked flame.

“What starts out as Halloween fun and games can end badly.”

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