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Have you seen Megan? Bradford dog who needs daily pain relief still missing

A couple from Bradford are appealing to the public to help find their missing dog who needs daily medication for pain relief.

Megan is a six-year-old spayed Red Fox Labrador who was last seen in the Harecroft area in Wilsden on the evening of 9 February when she went out with Maisie, another household dog.

Find Megan Dog Bradford


She has hip dysplasia and is in urgent need of medication and pain relief. She also helps fundraise for the Guide Dogs charity.

Owner Alison Blackburn said: “My husband Mike went out to sort out the horses for the night. He took Megan and Maisie out with him as they like to potter round the garden whilst he is out there.

“When he called them Maisie came in but Megan did not. He kept calling and came back in, calling and checking to see if she was at the door as she sometimes wanders for a bit then sits on the doorstep waiting.”

Alison got up at 6am in the morning and Megan was still not back.

“Maisie is missing her dreadfully”

Since Megan went missing, the couple have searched the reservoirs, quarries and moors, checked all the walks the dogs have been on, but still have found no trace of her.

Alison said: “Maisie is missing her dreadfully and is sleeping a lot except when we drag her out searching. As she is really lazy she hates the walking.”

Megan is microchipped, has a small white patch on her chest and a surgical scar in the middle of her lower lip. She also has an appreciation for tennis balls.

If you know of her whereabouts, or have seen her, you can get in touch with the owners by searching ‘#FindMegan’ on Facebook or follow @FindMegan2 on Twitter.

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