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Have you seen this bunny? Heartbroken girl appeals for lost teddy left in Leeds

Teddy Bear Lost And Found

A youngster has left a heart-warming letter in search for her favourite rabbit that was last seen at the Leeds Train Station.

Described as a small brown bunny, and perhaps a little mucky, the bunny was lost on the 2 March, and people from across the web have joined in the search to find it.

In anticipation for the arrival of her cuddly toy, the little girl has even set up a welcome home party with her other toys.

The brown rabbit is one of over 800 toys that have been sent to the Teddy Bear Lost and Found campaign, an online database for lost and found teddy bears and stuffed animals toys.

Launched in September 2012, the campaign has seen over 70 teddy bears listed as lost in West Yorkshire and surrounding regions with 50 of them being found. The other 20 are still missing.

The founder of the campaign – who wished to remain anonymous – told the Yorkshire Standard how the campaign came to being.

She said: “It all started when an acquaintance I knew on Facebook had lost their teddy bear while travelling in London. I offered to set up a Page for them to help find it because I had a lot of friends in London.

“Then, a little later on, another person with a lost teddy joined the page looking for theirs, and then another and another…”

To date, the Teddy Bear Lost and Found campaign has helped reunite countless cuddly toys with their owners.

Facebook’s recently new promotion feature that limits the audience limit has taken an effect on the outreach however, making page owners have to pay for more larger outreach.

To find a way around, the Teddy Bear Lost and Found founder has worked with a lost and found property service site named White Boomerang to create a community page that will let people post up their pictures and share information of lost and found teddies, similar to a social network.

The founder said: “There is a lot of correspondence, and on many days, I would be busy with it all for more than four hours per day.

“It has cooled down a bit now, but still it was a huge time investment and I was beginning to worry where it would end – which of course there is no end to it all, as I do love trying to help them get back home and there is no better feeling when one does.”

You can view the current database of teddies at, and you can also visit the new community page at

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