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Hero hospital worker returns mother’s lost phone, plus a teddy for her baby

Lost Phone Leeds General Infirmary

Victoria and baby Kaden.

EXCLUSIVE: A mother is overjoyed after a hospital worker in Leeds returned her lost phone, which contained precious photos of her five-month-old baby.

Victoria Leighton from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was in Leeds General Infirmary looking after her son Kaden, who recently had open-heart surgery.

On 4 January, she lost her electric blue Samsung Galaxy S5, which contained photographs of Kaden from the day he was born to his first smiles.

Victoria appealed on social media and in less than 24 hours, her appeal was shared over 9,000 times across the UK.

Her appeal didn’t fall on deaf ears as a hospital staff member overheard a group of people discussing the phone and asked them to give it to her.

Victoria said: “They refused saying they’d found it first and she threatened to ring security. They handed it over but had removed the battery so she wasn’t able to find out immediately whose phone it was.

“She was going to buy a battery but saw my post on Facebook and attempted to get in touch with me. We matched the IMEI number and she came to the hospital this morning along with a lovely teddy for Kaden.”

Victoria thanked her with flowers and chocolates.

She said: “She is a lovely lady who has done an amazing thing. I also want to thank everyone for sharing my appeal because I would never have got the phone back without their help.”

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  1. really? aka plonker says:

    A hero displays noble qualities. Heroes are not exclusive to emergency services and the military. This was a very noble act.

  2. really? says:

    I don’t really think finding someone’s phone and returning it to them is heroic. This one time i found someones keys and took them to the owner, i’m so heroic, you can only the imagine the adversity i had to endure to reunite the keys with their rightful owner. Granted, i couldn’t drag it out and make a film out of it.

    Maybe samaritan is the right word? Heroism is depicted by the likes of police and special forces in France yesterday or someone who reacts in a situation like a burning building and saves a life by risking theirs.

    • Maggy says:

      Gosh you’re killing the happiness, thanks! A hero is different to everyone not just who YOU want it to be.

      Now here’s why I think the hospital worker can be classed as a hero – she was brave enough to demand the phone back from the people who refused to, that itself is an act of courage.

    • Victoria Leighton says:

      She is a hero to me. My son has been through more than any person should, never mind a baby in the first year of his life. There is many a definition for a hero. Her act may not mean much to you but it meant the world to me. My son was dying when this phone was lost and I would have had very few things to remember him by if I had lost him. She didn’t have to confront those people, she did it because it was the RIGHT thing. She may not have saved a country but she did a brave and good thing that may have even gone uncredited if I hadn’t appealed for the phone. Who are you to decide what constitutes heroism or not?

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