Published On: Wed, Oct 1st, 2014 on 8:29 pm

Huddersfield rogue tenant busted after officers visit his east coast bar


Housing investigators have tracked a tenant to the east coast after realising he was not living in his council flat.

The man, who was a tenant in Huddersfield, was discovered running a pub in the seaside resort town of Withernsea near Hull, when investigators turned up to his bar.

Officers first heard that the man was not living in his flat after neighbours suggested he had not been living there for two years.

He had justified periods of living away by saying that he was living in Lancashire to help his family through bereavement, an excuse which had been accepted by the benefits processing team.

When he did not return, a locksmith changed the locks on the flat, and investigators found that he may have been sub-letting the flat.

The tenant later showed up at Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing’s offices demanding the keys be returned and was given them, but officers continued to investigate and tracked him down to the east coast, calling in pubs and hotels to try to locate him.

Once he was found, he was served with a notice to finish the tenancy and return the keys.

Cllr Graham Turner, Kirklees Cabinet member for resources, said: “The hard work of the investigation team uncovered the fraud, led them to the culprit, and freed up another house for a needy tenant.

“With 29 properties recovered last year and 27 the year before when we started working closely with the Customer & Exchequer Investigation Team and Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, these numbers reflect some of the best results outside of London.”

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