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Imran Khan resigns as Chancellor at University of Bradford

Imran Khan University Of Bradford

Imran Khan became a Chancellor in 2005

Former cricketer Imran Khan has resigned as Chancellor at the University of Bradford, citing “increasing political commitments”.

Chairman of the Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) political party, he will step down with effect from 30 November this year.

He became the university’s fifth Chancellor in 2005 succeeding Baroness Betty Lockwood and has done eight years of service at the university.

He lay a foundation stone for the University’s Institute of Cancer Therapeutics (ICT) and established a partnership that has seen a Pakistani student complete her PhD in cancer research in Bradford.

Commenting on his time as Chancellor, Mr Khan said: “It has been my honour to serve as Chancellor of the University of Bradford. This has been a rewarding and informative experience and one that I will cherish.

“My increasing political commitments as well as my fundraising work with SKMCT and Namal College has made it increasingly challenging for me to give the kind of time commitments required as Chancellor of the University of Bradford.”

A Chancellor acts as a figurehead for the university’s activities, and acts as a role model for the various constituencies the university serves.

Mr Khan was criticised last year in The Bradford Student publication for not attending enough graduation ceremonies.

Students were urged at the time to be more “sympathetic” to the responsibility Mr Khan had to “improving” the state of Pakistan.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford, Professor Brian Cantor, said: “Imran has played a critical and important role for us as Chancellor of the University over an extended period of time.

“He has been a truly outstanding ambassador for the University and a wonderful role model for our students.”

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  1. muhammad says:

    Thats correct sadia, bradford university was lucky to having the person like imran khan as chancellor and the student who were studying during his tenure were more lucky as khan was their chancellor. No doubt he is chrismatic, visionary and God gifted abalities….

  2. Sadia says:

    Imran Khan is the only hope in the Pakistan, he has revolutionized the educated youth with the true meaning of democracy, he is a living legend the only clean politician the only politician who has delivered to this nation in his single personal capacity. he could have enjoyed a royal life in uk or any other develop country of the world but he proffered to live and serve in his motherland, he is a true example of resilience, hope and bravery he is fighting against this staus quo and family politics since 1996 , he was badly criticezed , he lost in early election ppl were use to love him but he was not able to make his prominent position, he waited for a whole new generation YES and now he is the only leader who have motivated youth, women , and lower classes… he will save Pakistan .. and BRADFORD university was lucky to have such an energetic and charismatic person as their Chancellor.. was

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