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Inside Bradford’s secret tunnels set to become tourist attraction

Underground Bradford Tunnels

Site manager Graham Hall at the underground tunnel entrance

Underground Bradford Tunnels
Underground Bradford Tunnels
Underground Bradford Tunnels
Underground Bradford TunnelsUnderground Bradford TunnelsUnderground Bradford TunnelsUnderground Bradford Tunnels

Rubble and earth is being cleared as work continues on a Victorian-style underground shopping quarter.

With over 300 tonnes moved, developers Sunbridge Wells plan to bring the abandoned tunnels located near Bradford’s City Park back to life.

The privately funded project is worth approximately £1 million and developers are working with Bradford Council to complete it.

Site manager Graham Hall happened to walk past the tunnel entrance in 2008 and became interested.

He told the Yorkshire Standard: “I was walking past the door when it was opened and had a nosey in. With a mobile camera, I took photographs and found out who owned this place and what they were doing here.

“I thought it was unique, and no one really knew it was there.”

Upon research, Mr Hall found that the tunnels had a fascinating history behind the walls.

The tunnels were used as old prison cells where people were sentenced, and was also used as an air-raid shelter during the war.

In the 1960s, the location was used as a nightclub, where Jimi Hendrix, and The Pretty Things played. The Beatles also played on the top deck of the place at an after-hours gig.

The project is expected to be finished by next year, and the public will be able to visit a Victorian-style market, a glassed atrium area, bars, and a bistro.

There will be three points of access from the city, and Mr Hall has high hopes when the project is finished.

He said: “You have to be over 70 to know that this place even exists. But once completed, the tunnels will be a wonderful tourist attraction and be something else visitors can see in Bradford.”

There are rumours that there is a passageway that connects the top floor of the tunnels to City Hall. It remains undiscovered.

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