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Instagram feed of Bradford gallery taken over by activists

Lens Young Dimashqi

Image courtesy: Lens Young Dimashqi

The Instagram feed of the Bradford-based Fuse Art Space has been taken over by an anonymous network of Syrian activists.

Collectively known as Lens Young Dimashqi, the activists are working alongside the gallery and will be using its feed for the next eight weeks.

It is taking place as part of an exhibition named ‘Parallel Republic: The Art of Civil Disobedience,’ which is showcasing the work of citizen-journalists who are risking their lives documenting life in Syria and showing the world via social media.

Director of the Fuse Art Space, James Birchall, said: “The exhibition displays all sorts of art forms, illustrations, poster art, photography and filmmaking. The situation in Syria is changing so rapidly we will be changing the exhibition to try and keep up.

“It’s our fifth exhibition and work also features the Lens Young collective. At the same time they’re taking over our Instagram.”

Lens Young photographers are using whatever photographic equipment is available, from mobile phones to DSLR cameras, and both amateur and professional photographers are taking to the streets to document what is happening in Syria.

The exhibition at the gallery is curated by Ibrahim Fakhri and Sarah Faraday, and is being held till 29 November.

It also presents the works of Khalil Younes, Sulafa Hijazi, Comic4Syria, Art & Freedom, Kartoneh, Masasit Mati, Alshaab Alsori Aref Tarekh, Bissane Al-Sharif and many more.

You can follow the Fuse Art Gallery and Lens Young Dimashqi at

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