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Investigation launched after claims conductor threw pensioner off bus

A transport firm has launched an investigation following claims a bus conductor threw a pensioner off a bus travelling between Bradford and Leeds.

Pensioner Thrown Off Bus Viral Image

The post. Image: Facebook.

Social media posts, which went viral, claimed a conductor refused to allow an 85-year-old to travel on the Hyperlink 72 service because her bus pass had expired and refused to let another person pay for her.

The post featured what appeared to be photographs of a bus employee.

It read: “PLEASE keep Sharing. This Bus Conductor In 72 bus From Leeds Too Bradford Chucked an 85 YEAR old woman off the Bus yesterday, As her O.A.P Bus pass was 1 day expired… on 31st may.

“And she wasn’t aware of it until he pointed it out sarcastically…..!!!!!!!

“He aggressively spoke too her in a loud voice, £2.60 He said. She was crying & Shaking, Saying she didn’t realise it had ran out. As she said she didn’t have enough money, I’ve only got 95 pence she said.

“He Said to her, Get off the Bus then. So I offered to pay for Her. The conductor said It doesn’t work like that. And he chucked her off the bus, I was the ONLY person too stand up & Defend her, I took pictures…

“It was Raining badly. She was petrified, CRYING & shaking. She looked Mortified. Not because her bus pass ran out, it was the nasty way He spoke to her. He even started on me… Please SHARE”.

Original post on Facebook removed

The original post has apparently been deleted but it is still being circulated on Facebook.

First Bus said it was treating the allegations “very seriously” and is launching an investigation.

Bob Dorr, business manager for First in Leeds, said in a statement: “I’m very concerned to read these comments and we’re treating these allegations very seriously. We have launched a thorough investigation that includes examining the specific details of the incident as the original post on Facebook has been removed and the account has been deleted.

“I can assure all our customers that First is absolutely committed to the highest standards of customer service and we’d expect our staff to use discretion in such circumstances and in particular to ensure vulnerable people continue to travel with us safely.”

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  1. Mako says:

    How did the person posting this know that she was 85? If it actually happened, and if they were really all that concerned, why didn’t they get off the bus with the 85 year old woman to ensure that she was okay? Also, the ‘heavy rain’ that’s mentioned seems to be absent from the photographs.

    This smacks of just another attention seeking lie.

  2. Joyce Whitfield says:

    The conductor’s behaviour was inexcusable. If he was following company rules then they need to be prosecuted, their staff should be trained to deal with these issues, the poor woman could have dementia. Shame also on the other passengers on the bus, if you were one of them you need to rethink your place in societ.

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