Published On: Sun, Aug 17th, 2014 on 11:11 am

Iron man Gavin to visit West Yorkshire for extreme 1200-mile challenge


Iron Man Gavin Sandford

A former ex-soldier will be pushing a wheelchair holding a heavy barrel 1,200 miles to raise money for two hospitals.

Currently a hospital practitioner, Gavin Sandford will be undergoing the challenge of his life with a 1,200 mile run across the UK, also running from Bradford to Leeds via Leeds University to Huddersfield on 25 August.

Throughout the route, he will be pushing a wheelchair whilst carrying a heavy barrel, as well as wearing fancy dress, hoping to raise thousands for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Children’s Hospital.

41-year-old Gavin, originally from South Africa, has lived in the UK for 35 years and served as a soldier in the army for five years.

His experience in the army and working with seriously ill soldiers and children inspired him to take on the challenge, named ‘I Can And I Will’.

He said: “I have wanted to do something to help and support causes close to my heart and I hope the community of the UK will help us raise £100,000 to provide essential rehabilitation equipment and bucket lists which will aid countless patients.

“It’ll be the challenge of my life, but having seen what others have gone through I’m sure this will keep me going in the tougher times.”

On 24 August, Gavin will be coming to Bradford from Long Preston.

On 25 August, he will journey from Leeds and Bradford towards Huddersfield then head off to Manchester the next day.

He added: “It is an extreme and exciting challenge and I’m fortunate that many good people have already pledged support, but I hope others can help too so this dream can come true.”

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