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Kashmir remembered in Bradford ahead of ‘Million March’ depart

Kashmir Event Bradford

Hundreds have come together to highlight what has been described as ‘injustices’ inflicted upon the Kashmiri community.

Organised by the Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement, a delegation came together to demand a stop to violence in Kashmir and for the Indian military siege to be lifted.

The event was held as part of Kashmir National Day, which takes place on 24 October and commemorates the day the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government was created in 1947.

But the territory of Kashmir has long been part of an on-going dispute between India and Pakistan.

Failure to agree on the status of the territory by diplomatic means has brought both countries to war on a number of occasions, and remains a place of conflict today.

Pro-Pakistan supporters will gather in London’s Trafalagar Square tomorrow for the ‘Kashmir Million March,’ and march towards 10 Downing Street.

They will call on the Indian-occupied portion of Kashmir to be given a free vote and call for the United Nations Resolution, dated August 13, 1948, to be implemented.

Thousands of people from the North of the UK, including Yorkshire and the Humber, are expected to take part. Coaches have already been organised to depart from Bradford.

The lead organiser in the North, Chaudhary Malik, said: “It was important to highlight the issue to the international community, so we have utilised Asian and English media as well as electronic media.

“We now expect 7,000 to 10,000 people from the region going to the Kashmir Million March.”

According to international news reports, attempts were made by political opposers to stop the march from happening but their attempts failed.

Chair of the Jammu Kashmir Self Determination Movement, Raja Najabat Hussain, said: “We need support from all political parties. I would like to request everyone to email their MPs, and join us on the march.”

Parliamentary candidate for Bradford East, Iftikhar Ahmed, who also spoke to the audience, said: “Thousands have been killed, tortured and raped over the years for struggle for freedom. The event was overall very successful and it brought people of all faiths and backgrounds together who had concern for the people of Kashmir.”

Other guests included the Lord Mayoress of Bradford Elizabeth Sharp, MP for Leeds West and Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Jenny Reeves, TUC President Mohammad Taj, and former Lord Mayor of Bradford Naveeda Ikram.

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  1. Ameer Paul says:

    Politically it will be a step forward in the right direction, however the need of the time is to organize a continuous barrage of similar marches in all powerful countries in the world.

    Also it is essential for Pakistan to attain the highest Military Preparation against Indian Hegemony, the most coward and wicked country of the world. Pakistan should attain the capability to evaporate India in case, with only a few from its arsenal, and that can happen when Pakistan will have FUSION BOMBS in its arsenal.

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