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Kirklees residents targeted by cash machine scam

Cash Machine

Policing teams in Kirklees have warned people to be extra vigilant when using cash machines in the local area.

The warning comes on the back of recent incidents in Honley and Netherton when thefts were reported from ‘tampered’ ATM machines.

When used, they didn’t dispense any money even when the screen displayed a message saying it had been done.

Kirklees Rural Neighbourhood Policing teams, who have been investigating the incidents, are urging people to be vigilant and check machines for any suspicious devices before they use one.

PC Sally Baines of Kirklees Rural NPT said: “We are currently investigating a series of incidents where the cash machines have deliberately been tampered with in order to get hold of the money of innocent people.

“Due to a number of incidents in the last few days, we are warning people to be extra vigilant when using cash machines in the local area.

“If the cash machine operates as usual but does not dispense any money when it says on screen it has done, please do not walk away or leave it. Ring us on 101 from the cash machine.”

Some ATMs can have ‘skimming devices’ attached, which are usually attached to the front of a cash machine and a person’s card details are then copied when they withdraw money.

Small cameras may also be attached above the cash machine to record the customer using their PIN, enabling criminals to clone cards.

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