Published On: Mon, May 4th, 2015 on 7:23 pm

Labour candidate accused of copying opposition’s leaflet

EXCLUSIVE: A Labour candidate standing in Bradford’s Toller Ward has been accused of plagiarising an Independent candidate’s leaflet.

Cllr Amir Hussain, who has held the ward for the past 16 years as a Labour candidate, and is now standing as an Independent candidate published a leaflet two weeks ago.

But Hussain’s campaign team claim that a section in the leaflet labelled “Track Record of Investment in Toller” has been copied “virtually word-for-word” in a campaign leaflet by Labour opponent Fozia Shaheen.

Bradford Toller Ward Leaflets

Both leaflets side-by-side.

The leaflets were shared on social media and Shaheen responded by saying: “I would like to make clear my leaflet is not copied word for word please have a read through. The Track record investments in Toller are clearly standard material which was carried out by Labour councillors and I consulted before it had been used.”

However, Hussain’s campaign manager Zoaib Ahmed, said: “Ms Shaheen is very much mistaken. I sat down with Councillor Amir and together painstakingly put together that particular section of our leaflet which debunks the claim of it being ‘standard material’.

“The thing that is extremely sad about this sorry situation is the first is bare faced cheek in lifting an entire section that someone had worked to produce, and passing it off as their own. It smacks of laziness and a team that is devoid of original ideas.”

Local resident and community worker Shazad Bashir, also added: “She is not a local resident and clearly has no idea about any of the things Councillor Amir has helped bring about in the local community.

“The 7th bullet point on the Investment in the annual fun day has nothing to do with Labour. Myself and a team of dedicated volunteers, with Councillor Amir’s help in a personal capacity (he has donated items via his local business and volunteered at the event) have run the fun day since 2009.”

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