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Way ahead of us… Leeds elderly are now having Skype parties

Leeds Skype Parties

Sue Jennings shows residents in Kirkstall, Leeds, how to Skype

Elderly residents in Leeds have been connecting with each other and loved ones at digital tea parties held at two venues in the city.

The tea parties were organised by social housing provider Leeds Federated, and JTM Service, as part of a new initiative that helps residents enjoy tea, cake and the world of the digital technology.

Residents got the chance to chat away on Skype and socialise with others, and resident Ms June Jukes even won first prize in a cake-baking contest.

Sue Jennings, community development manager with Leeds Federated, explained the benefits of the digital parties.

She said: “For many older people, loneliness can be a real problem. The internet is a great way for them to talk to people, make new friends and keep in touch with their families.

“The digital tea party was a fantastic way of giving people the opportunity to have fun, meet others and find out how getting online can benefit them.”

Through a government-backed digital inclusion project named HUGO (Helping U Get On-line), Leeds Federated is one out of 12 places in the UK piloting the government’s Digital Deal to get more people online.

Due to success, the provider now plans to roll out further digital tea parties to support residents get online and combat social isolation.

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