Published On: Thu, Jan 22nd, 2015 on 3:40 pm

Leeds petitioner calling Facebook to ban Britain First reaches 7500 signatures

Ban Britain First Facebook Petition


A petition calling social networking site Facebook to ban far-right political group Britain First has amassed over 7,500 signatures.

Hosted on petition platform, the petition was created last year in July by Leeds resident Caroline Earl who wants to get rid of Britain First from Facebook “for good”.

Caroline said: “Britain First are a far right wing political group who preach hatred particularly against Muslims. We find it intolerable that Facebook have refused to respond to requests to delete photos, comments or posts that are offensive and include threats of violence or even death.”

She also claims the page posted about an anti-fascist protester, which led to “hateful messages including death threats”.

The petition has gained more than 2,000 new signatures since November last year.

Caroline has written: “I plan to present it to Facebook in the near future to get their thoughts (the petition will continue taking signatures).”

Britain First’s Facebook page boasts over 600,000 fans, which makes them more ‘Liked’ on Facebook than any other UK party.

In June last year, its Facebook page was removed for hate speech only to be restored again an hour later.

Do you think Britain First has the right to be on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. matthew hall says:

    It does not take a lot of muslims to sign a 7500 petition.

  2. Ashley Treacy says:

    Britain First are Vile Racists who spread fear and hate.Every bit as bad if not worse then what they claim to be against

    • matthew hall says:

      Your wrong. Where do you live? do you go to a mosque? do you actually know about being a muslim? you can read good things in a book or see good things on the TV but have you actually got any clue about how the circles work and the smokescreens that are very cleverly disguised? I think not nor neither have the rest of the people who signed the petition.

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