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Leeds protest over alleged Dogs4Us ‘links to puppy farms’

EXCLUSIVE: A protest is to take place next month outside dog sellers Dogs4Us in Leeds, accused by campaigners of buying puppies from puppy mills.

Puppy Abuse Image

Image: Boycott Dogs4Us.

The protest will be held on 21 June outside the company premises on Waterloo Way by campaigners who are “calling upon Dogs4Us to cease their trade in live animals.”

Campaigners believe the pet providers are linked to ‘puppy farms’ that breed dogs irresponsibly, and say they will continue to protest against them until they cease trading.

The campaign was created after Channel 5 News investigated the company in 2012 over alleged links with Welsh puppy farms where dogs were filmed living in squalid conditions.

But Dogs4Us slam the links with puppy farms as “utter nonsense”.

A statement on their website states: “We feel at Dogs 4 Us that it is time to set the record straight in relation to various pet forums that have sprung up on the internet.

“This very small percentage of people in the U.K. who are trying to discredit our good name by linking us with puppy farms. This is utter nonsense and does not represent what Dogs 4 Us is all about.

“We pride ourselves on the customer service we offer. Many customers are so pleased with the service they receive they come back again and again, they also recommend us to their family and friends. We have also had quite a few celebrity customers too!”

The website also states that the company purchases from licensed breeders, it has announced and unannounced inspections, and that it is licensed to sell puppies.

Over 50 people have said they will be attending the protest on social media.

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  1. Under the Blankee says:

    The public need to be made aware of the truth behind those puppies in the window. Common sense should tell you that you need to see the parents before you ‘purchase’ a puppy. Where did the puppies in that window come from? A sweet little cottage down the road? No. A dark, damp, dirty, hell-hole of a shed or barn, that’s where. Maybe not even from this country. A place where the parents don’t see the light of day, receive no veterinary care, no human care or kindness at all. Even more importantly…. how can anyone think of buying a puppy from a shop when there are rescue centres overflowing with dogs of all types and ages, including puppies. If you buy a dog from a pet shop you are effectively kill a dog in a shelter… and adding to the continued cruelty and greed within puppy farms / backyard breeding :(

  2. James says:

    Don’t buy while puppies die!

  3. elizabeth cooper says:

    I bought a jack russell puppy from here she has had to have 2 hernias removed which are inherited and the customer service i recieved was apppauling i would never get a puppy or step foot in the place again!!!

  4. TJ says:

    Adopt Don’t Shop

  5. Amanda says:

    My partner rescued a Weimeraner some years ago that had been bought from this establishment. The dog has had numerous behavioural problems since a pup. A qualified canine behaviourist concluding the majority a result of being taken from its mother and litter mates too young. Such establishments are about profit not welfare. I for one would urge people looking for a dog to save yourself the ££££’s and heartbreak and source a reputable breeder or adopt. Both will give you a life time of support unlike puppy farms or puppy “supermarkets ” who offered us…….”we can swap it for another one”.

  6. Anna Betts says:

    CLEBRITY CLIENTS !!! That isn’t anything to sing about seeing as it was “celebrity” that turned so called designer dogs into fashion accessories for those who aspire to be like their idols, thus fuelling this vile trade. As for licensed breeders anybody with a modicum of intelligence will know many puppy farmers hold licenses from local authorities. This does not make this unscrupulous trade ethical all it does is act as a marketing tool to misinform the misinformed.

  7. Alison Yeo says:

    All puppy farms should be shut down and the breeders held accountable for the wide spread misery and cruelty they are responsible for. Laws should see these people jailed and when shut down they should be checked regularly to stop them re-offending. Maybe a register could be set up to help keep a check on these people which may seem harsh but would cut down on animal suffering, massive rspca/vet operations and heartbreak for the people who unwittingly buy these animals.

  8. Patricia James says:

    Dogs4Us are no different from any other retailer/pet shop or dealer they all have to source their puppies from commercial breeders whether licensed or unlicensed it makes no difference, because it is only battery dog farmers that are prepared to sell litters of puppies to a third party. Ethical responsible breeders insist that the prospective puppy purchaser visits their home and sees the puppies of the litter interacting with their Mum. Dogs4Us cannot comply with this sensible advice. All pet shops and dealers selling puppies will detract from the truth and deny that they purchase puppies from puppy farms but time and time again campaigners through social media show the truth, the video evidence of the deprevation that exist in both licensed and unlicensed premises supplying the pet trade. Wake up public stop being lazy when purchasing a puppy do your homework and seek out a reputable, ethical breeder who can supply you a healthy puppy not one born in a battery dog farms and sold through dealers and pet shops.

  9. V Litten says:

    This is abhorrent and they need to be stopped. The human race is anything but humane and puppy farms by the name alone are horrendous places. Councils need to do as many checks before licencing them as they do before people can be adopters of babies and children.

  10. Lynda Smeeton says:

    I have 4 ex breeding girlies from puppy farms & back yard breeders. I don’t let their lives be defined by their past BUT I weep regularly when I stop to think of where they came from & the misery they endured being incarcerated in these hell holes.
    My late girlie Martha was from a puppy farm. I had her a year from rescue when she died because she was too broken to survive cancer. I will not rest until people who commit these crimes are stopped from trading.

  11. Michelle says:

    Are Dogs4us allowed to mislead the public with their lies?

    Is it fraudulent? Many buyers have the proof Dogs4us use puppy farms on documentation given with pup at the time of purchase. Please follow up on this story it is of great interest to your readers Yorkshire Standard.

  12. pauline franks says:

    The law needs to set up and give prison sentence for these criminals these dogs are suffering it’s disgusting

  13. cers says:

    ” many customers come back again and again” well they are not very responsible then, either they have too many dogs or they are getting rid and going back for another one. This place ticks Every box as the place not to buy a puppy.

  14. Puppy Love Campaigns says:

    Puppy Love Campaigns obtained the film inside the puppy farms for the Channel Five exposé. The dogs were in small barren enclosures, had filthy water,if any at all, some had matted coats, rotten teeth, infected ears and eyes. We saw it, we filmed it, the truth is out. Pet shop puppies are puppy farm puppies. DON’T BUY THEIR LIES!

    We have been into many puppy farms,they are all the same, ugly, heartbreaking abuse of mans best friend. Shame on all those involved in this wicked trade.

  15. Danielle Nicholas says:

    Channel 5 News reported that Dogs 4 Us was purchasing puppies from the three Welsh puppy farms. Video footage of the premises involved showed the horrific conditions the animals were kept in.
    In spite of claims by Dogs 4 Us after the programme aired that they would not wish to be associated with such breeders, three years later they were shown to be still purchasing puppies from at least one of the establishments featured, despite full knowledge of how it operated. Dogs for us are liars and have no consideration for animals welfare all they see is the pound signs. Lets hope they finally get shut down!

  16. Jean Read says:

    The whole Puppy Farming issue is despicable, Adults kept in filthy small cages some never seeing the light of day, puppies never handled by humans many suffering illnesses which their unsuspecting new families have to pick up the vet bills to try to make them healthy sometimes these illnesses prove fatal. For as long as I can remember people have been told to never buy Puppies unless you actually see the Mother with the puppy. How anyone can buy a puppy over the counter like a can of beans beggars belief. It sickens me seeing any animal Puppy, Kitten, Rabbit, Hamster etc; in small cages in pet stores. I’ve been at the other end when these poor souls are abandon. Adopt don’t shop!

  17. cher jarvis says:

    Thank you for bring this sad story to light, poor poor animals

  18. Parveen Cook says:

    Thank you for highlighting that Dogs4us sell puppies from puppy farm.
    Of course they will deny it as immoral, uncaring greedy people that they are will not care about the misery and suffering of these poor innocent animals. The question is: why is this allowed to happen and the government and agencies such as RSPCA, PETA are not stopping this.

  19. Francine Harper says:

    I’m from Yorkshire, just outside Leeds, and I am ashamed that this company is still doing this. Go Yorkshire and close them down if necessary.

  20. Christine Barczak says:

    Where do these people get their dogs from? Puppy farming needs to be stopped and therefore supplying these people also being stopped. Shops selling puppies should be made illegal therefore sparing the heartache of losing a precious companion through an horrendous death. X

  21. Rosemary King says:

    They haven’t denied sourcing puppies from puppy farmers, just say they have good customer service, says it all for me, shut them down …..

  22. Terri says:

    If as they say they the shop doesn’t buy pups from puppy farms perhaps they would like to let the Standard meet some of the breeders, if the breeders are ethical and have nothing to hide then I’m sure they would be delighted to oblige. I’m the mum of an ex breeding girl from a puppy farm and the things that they have to endure is horrific, four years down the line she still has problems.

  23. Amanda Eivers says:

    Well introduce us to your “good” breeders then, give their names, surely they have nothing to hide, you only get that kind of turnover of pups from large scale operations, i.e. Puppy Farms!!

  24. Peter Gane says:

    There was incontrovertible evidence in the Channel 5 News report that Dogs 4 Us was purchasing puppies from the three Welsh puppy farms featured. Vet Marc Abrahams on seeing video footage of the premises involved described them as the most horrific conditions he had ever seen animals kept in.
    In spite of claims by Dogs 4 Us after the programme aired that they would not wish to be associated with such breeders, three years later they were shown to be still purchasing puppies from at least one of the establishments featured.
    How does that jell with their statement that claims they are linked to puppy farms is “utter nonsense”?

  25. Aggie says:

    dont breed and buy when homeless animals die !

  26. Helen Morgan says:

    Adopting a dog is best there are thousands of dogs waiting to be given a home and to love you back forever. The poor dogs on the puppy farms are being sentenced to a life of misery so that companies like dogs4Us can make a profit out of them. Its so wrong surely the law must be changed to stop this cruelty! I wonder how some people can sleep at night..

  27. Louise says:

    No reputable breeder would let their puppies go to a place like this to be sold on. ‘Puppy mill’ or not the breeders that pass on their puppies and kittens for to places like this should not be breeding full stop. Animals have complex psychological and physiological needs that just can’t be met in a supermarket type environment.

  28. Aran Mathai says:

    Dogs4Us buy their dogs from Welsh and Irish puppy farms. This means that many of the puppies become ill or die leaving the purchaser with the bill.

    Dogs4us claim to offer a 6 month guarantee but this does not mean they will cover any vet bills, instead the dog can be return for a refund – like it is a faulty product rather than a living animal.

    The government advise that you see a puppy with its mother before you buy but Dogs4us offer no option to do this. Dogs4us will not even provide information on the source of their puppies until after purchase.

    The only way to put pressure on Dogs4us to stop selling poorly puppies is not to buy anything from their stores. If you buy pet supplies from the store you are funding animal cruelty.

    Please Boycott Dogs4us.

  29. jennyj says:

    Exactly where do Dogs4us get their puppies from? Celebrity endorsements mean nothing, as most are cretin level and want a pet now!!!!Puppies need to be seen with their mothers… what part of this dont you understand?

  30. Helena Bentley says:

    Source their pups from licensed breeders?? Yet you can’t view the parents and none of the dogs are KC registered! There must be some seriously naive people out there buying these pups! The premises might be all singing and dancing but think of the condition the poor breeding dogs are kept in! Disgusting!

  31. Zoe Flynn says:

    Breeding more dogs when there are hundreds if not thousands being put to sleep every week in this country because they have no home is unforgivable. Dogs need love, not to be abused until their vaginas prolapse , have a heart- adopt!

  32. Rachel Mathai says:

    Dogs4Us has been exposed by Channel 5 News and Sky News for sourcing the puppies they sell from cruel puppy farmw. The only humane option is for them to cease this cru.el trade

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