Published On: Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015 on 2:27 pm

Leeds West TUSC candidate challenges opponents to ‘stand on a workers wage’

A candidate running in the parliamentary election for Leeds West has challenged his opponents to take on a workers wage.

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Ben Mayor, PPC for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition party (TUSC), issued the challenge following the debates around second jobs for MPs, and comments made by Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP who said he’s worth more than his £67,000 salary.

“Let’s see”

Ben said: “TUSC is unapologetically pro-working class and to this end I, as a working class trade unionist candidate who opposes the destruction of pay, benefits and public services, will stand as a workers MP on a workers wage.

“I would encourage all of the other political representatives standing in West Leeds to do the same, let’s see how many of them accept that challenge.”

According to the TUSC, the median yearly wage in Leeds West is around £22,000, which is less than a third of the current MP’s basic salary of £67,000 a year.

The remaining money from the salary, if the TUSC is elected, is planned to be put into a solidarity fund to be used to support community and workers groups, such as the Leeds-based Hands Off Our Homes campaign and the anti-bedroom tax campaign.

In last year’s local elections, the TUSC stood 561 candidates across the country.

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