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Local dog found at the ‘point of death’ makes remarkable recovery

Sadie Rescued Dog

Sadie before (left), and Sadie now (right).

EXCLUSIVE: A dog named Sadie who was found in such a state she was at the point of death, has made a remarkable recovery.

She was rescued in November last year after inspectors were called out in Yorkshire to investigate reports of a thin dog.



Found in a critical state and requiring urgent medical attention, Sadie was taken to the vets where she stayed before being transferred to the local Halifax and Huddersfield Animal Centre.

She was only 7.5kgs when she was rescued and was so weak she could not even go out walking or play.

Sadie underwent two months of treatment being monitored and being fed.

Now, she has put on 5kgs and goes on long walks and enjoys running around.

A spokesperson for the Centre said: “Sadie was the most emaciated dogs that we’ve come across. We’re absolutely thrilled with how she’s improved and she’s a credit to the fosterer.

“It just goes to show, that although they do very well in here, they absolutely thrive in foster care. We would appeal for more fosterers.”

To find out more about foster caring, please visit the Halifax & Huddersfield Animal Centre on

Images courtesy: Halifax & Huddersfield Animal Centre.

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  1. Vivien says:

    I belong both to the local RSPCA and to our Neighbourhood Watch Group which liaises with the police. Lately I’ve been pursuing the issue of dog theft, and there’s a clear discrepancy between the number of reports they get and the actual number of dogs missing. When a pet goes missing, and when animals are found in a terrible state by the public, naturally the first priority is to try to find the dog/ help the pet. But as a first step in getting the criminals caught can we make sure these crimes are reported?

  2. S Kenniston says:

    This story has a happy ending, but what about the other poor animals out there in the same way, it’s about time the government brought in a licence for the owners of dogs to stop this happening. Poor Murphys owners are doing evening they can to get him back and you have people who neglect and still only get a smacked hand. A for the stealing of dogs it’s a crime and these people should be punished and dealt with in the courts as if it was a car etc. it’s time the government looked at what’s going on in this country and deal with it

  3. Kylie sanderson says:

    murphy is a Siberian husky and been missing since Thursday the 4 th of December,it seem to all of us that dog crimes are on the increase ,something needs to be done to help stop this,these poor dogs end up in the hand of evil people,leaving family’s heart broken.we need the powers that be to sit up and listen and change the laws.its very sad to see so many lovely dogs being treated in such a sick way.

  4. Megan says:

    Oh I absolutely wish I could be an animal foster carer. Glad to know this pup has recovered <3

  5. Lorraine sharp says:

    so many sad stories…. Time to Get Murphy Home x

  6. Lisa Athey says:

    Lovely happy ending. It’s sad that it’s not the same for other dogs and their owners. The rise in dog theft in this area is shocking…plus ridiculous cruelty. Only this morning a dog in Bradford died after some thugs force fed him drugs. Police need to treat dog crime seriously.

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