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Man who vowed to dive again after tragic accident beats the odds

A local man has beaten the odds by getting back underwater less than a year after a deadly cycling accident that nearly killed him.

Peter Lau Diving Story

Peter Lau, a fireman from Baildon, had been a passionate scuba diver and member of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) for 25 years but a mountain bike accident in April 2014 left him paralysed from the chest down.

His bike collided with a car and his back took most of the impact in the crash while his rucksack dragged him under the wheel.

He broke 11 ribs, punctured both lungs, fractured his scapula and suffered serious spinal damage.

Emergency medics had to induce a coma to protect his lungs and Peter remained in the state for almost a month before beginning his long road to recovery.

“I vowed I would be back in the water within the year”

He spent many months at Pinderfield Spinal Rehabilitation Centre and during his time there his passion for watersports led him to launch a snorkelling club in the hydrotherapy pool while he waited for doctors to give him the all clear to start diving once more.

The day finally came this week when he took the plunge for the first time with club members from the BSAC branch West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Sub Aqua Section.

Peter Lau Diving Story

Peter said: “It’s something I’ve been dreaming about for 11 months and I vowed I would be back in the water within the year and I have achieved that which is brilliant.

“Just being there with all my mates from the diving club and my wife Debbie was diving with me to hold my hand it was quite emotional.

“We floated around for a bit and then went down under the water nice and slowly with complete control and it was like coming home.”

After half an hour diving with his friends, Peter emerged to a hero’s poolside welcome.

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