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Man who was tormented by his protruding ears has problem solved

A man whose life was made difficult due to protruding ears has had them fixed in one hour.

Protruding Ears

Hakam before and after. Image: Spire Leeds Hospital.

Hakam Albakri, an architectural graduate from Huddersfield, was teased by other children at school for many years for his ears which were protruding from the side of his head.

He said: “I had prominent ears from birth and became acutely aware of it at around five years old when I started school. It bothered me and children taunted me about it but my parents were not aware at that time that surgery was available to fix the problem.

“The angle of protrusion got worse as I got older and during the last five years it got progressively worse. I could never get a really short haircut as it made them really noticeable.”

His ears made it painful for Hakam to sleep on the side of his head and caused problems during work when he used a phone headset, due to the pressure on the ears.

Last year, Hakam heard about the pinnaplasty procedure and chose to have surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital in January 2015.

It was done by Mr Christopher Fenn, a consultant cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

“Really happy with the results”

Mr Fenn said: “I reshaped the ear cartilage to obtain a natural look with a well-defined ridge running down the length of the ear. This effectively folds back the ear to a more natural position. A cut is made in the back of the ear, which remains well hidden behind the newly shaped ear.

“A simple, pull-out suture (stitch) was used to close the skin, which easily slides out on suture removal. Following the surgery a head bandage is used for one week to protect and mold the newly shaped ears and I often advise patients to use a sweat band or skiing headband at night for a period of three weeks after surgery.”

Hakam went home later the same day and was “really happy with the results”.

Mr Fenn said: “Many people dislike their ears and improving their appearance can be life-changing. Ideally, Pinnaplasty is recommended to be performed in childhood at the age of five and six years of age before teasing can potentially impact on child development.

“In cosmetic surgery you commonly see these patients in late teenager years or as young adults. They are often very self-conscious of the deformity and in some cases have suffered through a fair amount of teasing which can make them quite self-aware and impact on self-confidence.”

Prominent ears affect around 5% of the population, but many more people, both children and adults are reportedly concerned about smaller degrees of prominence.

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