Published On: Thu, Feb 5th, 2015 on 5:22 pm

Mother of cancer fighting tot who was mocked by Twitter trolls calls for crackdown

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Cancer Is Funny Twitter Account

The Yorkshire Standard was the first to highlight this account.

EXCLUSIVE: The mother of a child who is undergoing cancer treatment has set up a petition calling social media networks to toughen rules on troll accounts.

Sophie Hoult, from Leeds, set up the petition on after photos of her son Riley, were used without permission by a Twitter user who had the username ‘Cancer Is Funny’.

Its first-ever tweet was ‘Cancer Is Funny Because People Die’ and it sent out vile messages to different accounts, including the Twitter account that Ms Hoult set up to allow people to follow her son’s journey.

Following media attention, the troll account was suspended after it was reported but another Twitter account soon popped up and sent messages to Ms Hoult’s account again.

It too, was suspended after being reported.

“Need shutting down”

Ms Hoult said: “I feel like there should be more rules online regarding trolls and there should be more rules to what you make an account for and why.

“I don’t think the cancer troll accounts are funny at all and they all really do need shutting down. Social media networks seem to manage to shut celebrity troll accounts down so why can’t they for any other person?”

Her son Riley was diagnosed with a cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body.

On 13 November last year, Riley’s mum noticed his eye looking sore so she took him to a GP who said he had an eye infection. A week later, the GP found a cyst underneath his eyelid.

On 28 November, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at Leeds General Infirmary and is undergoing treatment.

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  1. Kourtney says:

    Something needs to happen to these accounts causing such disgusting behaviour. I don’t know if they are just sick in the head or looking for attention either way it’s so wrong and something needs to happen! Shut down these horrible accounts please! People don’t realise how 1 word can hurt someone’s feeling and even ruin lifes! Lets stop this and make the world a better place.

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