Published On: Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 on 2:52 pm

Motorist tries to squeeze through tight gap on Leeds Road, nearly FLIPS

EXCLUSIVE: CCTV footage has caught the moment a car nearly flipped over after driving between two cars on a busy road in Bradford.

Leeds Road Bradford Car Flips

The car on two wheels after hitting the parked car.

The incident reportedly took place on Leeds Road on 16 April at around 9.44am, in which a driver tried to drive in between a parked car and another motorist.

Not stopping, the driver hit the parked car which hurled the car upwards onto two wheels.

Two pedestrians can be seen in the footage outside a local restaurant, close to where the accident takes place.

The person who shared the images to the Yorkshire Standard said: “A lot has been happening on Leeds Road and it’s no surprise because it’s very busy all the time, but at night it can be quiet so a lot of people can think it’s alright to speed.

“It’s dangerous. But it’s no wonder as it’s a long straight road.”

A serious road traffic collision took place on the same road earlier this week, in which two men had been hospitalised with injuries.

Leeds Road Bradford Collision

Image: The Yorkshire Standard.

Both were aged 21 and 22-years-old.

Last month, a 70-year-old man on a mobility scooter was struck by a car crossing Leeds Road and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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