Published On: Sun, May 24th, 2015 on 1:28 pm

Mum who lost £650 to boutique abroad urges others to buy safely

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EXCLUSIVE: A mother from Leeds is urging people to support local boutiques and buy safely online after she allegedly fell victim to fraud online.

Boutique Scam

Ms Wazir sent this text when she had waited too long.

Ms Nasreen Wazir ordered three bridal outfits in February this year from an Asian clothing boutique based in Pakistan, and sent the money abroad.

When she didn’t receive the items that she was expecting on 20 March, text messages were exchanged and Ms Wazir demanded her money to be returned.

The boutique said parcels had been “lost” and later said Ms Wazir would get her items “plus one complimentary at your doorsteps” at the end of the month.

Ms Wazir didn’t receive her items and then told the boutique she would report them for fraud.

She wrote to them: “I think I have been a very fair person, but your excuses on excuses, unfortunately are not acceptable more and it is not my problem, we had an agreement for delivery of 3 outfits for the cost of £650 on 20th March 2015, then you delayed it to the end of April 2015, I have saved all txt message between yourself and your sister…”

Ms Wazir reported her case to an anti-fraud organisation based in the UK, and the report was sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

She has also now set up an anti-fraud group on Facebook to urge others to report scams.

She said: “I know two other women who have scammed by this boutique, and I have Whatsapp messages confirming what happening to them, but they do not want to be named which I have to respect.

“If you are to shop online, shop only with established retailers and only pay via PayPal. Where you can, support your local boutiques here in the UK. They may be more expensive but at least you are of sound of mind knowing your money is purchasing a product you know will be delivered to you.

“I lost £650 and they offered to send a complimentary suit but didn’t send anything.”

The Yorkshire Standard, which was sent receipts and information by Ms Wazir, has attempted to contact the boutique and is awaiting a response.

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  1. saiqa hussain says:

    Pakcollection is also a company tat is a fraud he cons ppl first order he send tan whn u place larger orders no items wil be recived he also has two other account on face book .I hv also been a victim of ths and hv made others aware .

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