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Neglected dog left by owners was so hungry it tried EATING foam

EXCLUSIVE: Living conditions became so bad for a dog who was left home alone for two days that he tried eating foam due to starvation.

Rex Rescued Eating Foam 1

Foam bitten by Rex (left).

Rex, a cross breed, was neglected by his owner at a home in East London, and was left outside in the pouring rain for two whole days without shelter.

He was bought as a puppy at eight weeks old with a broken leg.

The owner had his leg treated and Rex now has pins in his leg. However, Rex was never taken for walks and was left alone in the house for days on end without food or water.

Rex Rescued Eating Foam

Dirty living conditions.

He was left to fend for himself, and was so hungry that he attempted to eat foam from furniture.

When he was rescued, he was living in his own excrement alone and scared. Two bin liners had to be taken out to clear the mess.

It is believed he may have died if he wasn’t found.

A start of a new life

Rex, who is 10 months old, is being brought to Lauren Jackson in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, where he will be nursed back to good health in ‘ALL Dog Rescue’ and fostered.

Lauren said: “Rex will be checked over by a vet and will receive worming and flea treatment as well as his vaccinations if he needs them which we suspect he will.

“We will teach him all the things he has missed out on such as toilet training, how to walk nicely on the lead but most importantly he will be loved and cared for. Once Rex is ready he will be put up for adoption subject to homecheck. This will be the start of a new life for him.”

To make any donations to ALL Dog Rescue, or find out more information about the group, please email

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