Published On: Mon, Mar 24th, 2014 on 5:43 pm

New lights to help Holmfirth firefighters respond to emergencies quicker

Holmfirth Fire Station

Firefighters in the Holmfirth town of Kirklees can now get to the station and respond to emergencies faster thanks to newly-installed traffic light equipment.

The new lights – which cost around £1,000 – will recognise when there is a fire call which means traffic will be cleared quicker on Woodhead Road.

It will hereby help firefighters respond to an emergency faster.

In recent times, Holmfirth has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, with roads like Woodhead Road becoming more congested whilst the response time for the fire appliance leaving the station has slightly increased.

The issue of congestion and time was identified by Station Commander Richard Doyle, who brought the problem forward to the Neighbourhood Management Group (NMG).

Commander Doyle said: “The issue was that the firefighters who live at the far side of the traffic lights found they could be waiting for two full traffic light sequences which added to the time the appliance left the station.

“One of the fire officers, CC Lunn from Holmfirth, suggested that if the traffic lights could recognise when there was a fire call and give extra time for the traffic to clear on Woodhead Road this would lead to improved response time.”

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