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No prosecution for George Galloway MP over ‘Israel-free zone’ speech

Bradford Palestine Protest George Galloway

Bradford West MP, George Galloway, will not be charged over a speech he made in August declaring the city of Bradford as an ‘an Israel-free zone’.

West Yorkshire Police received a number of complaints about the content of a speech made by Mr Galloway on 2 August this year, which was also posted online.

A full investigation was carried out which included Mr Galloway being voluntarily interviewed under caution.

Chief Superintendent Paul Money, Leeds District Commander, said: “A file was submitted to The Crown Prosecution Service for advice on whether any offences had been committed and they have now concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support any charges.”

West Yorkshire Police has recorded the matter as a hate incident.

But Mr Galloway has said he doesn’t take back ‘a word’ he said and ‘will continue’ to forcefully condemn Israel.

He said: “This has been an extremely expensive waste of police’ and CPS’ time forced on them by ultra-Zionists who were pursuing a vendetta against me.

“My comments were aimed at the state of Israel which – I repeat what I said at the time – is an illegal, savage and barbarous state, and had nothing whatever to do with race or religion. And they have the benefit of being true.

“That country has more censures against it by the United Nations than the rest of the countries in the world put together, refuses to abide by resolutions and continues to illegally grab land and persecute the rightful owners of it and uses its military to blockade and murder the people of Gaza. I take back not a word and I will continue to forcefully condemn Israel.

“It remains the case that there is a worldwide boycott of Israel, its goods, its services, its academics. I hope the citizens of Bradford will join me in refusing to treat with the advocates of this hateful and oppressive regime and truly make Bradford an Israel-free zone.”

Earlier this week, Mr Galloway abstained from voting in a motion made in the House of Commons to recognise Palestine as a state. His reason for abstaining was because the notion would recognise an Israeli state too.

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