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Oil to energy scheme proves successful in Bradford

Fat Vat Bradford

(l-r) Project worker Nasa Hussain from the Karmand Community Centre, with network protection technician Duncan Woodhead from Yorkshire Water

An innovative scheme that is helping turn fat into power and preventing blocked pipes is being expanded after its successful 6-month trial.

Yorkshire Water launched a ‘fat vat’ scheme in the Bradford Moor area in March, asking residents to collect their used cooking oil in 5-litre containers rather than pouring it down the drain.

The liquid is converted into a bio fuel by renewable energy experts Living Fuels, and can provide enough power to make 125,000 cups of Yorkshire tea or even power a microwave continuously for 1,500 hours.

Around 85 residents in the area gathered over 500 litres of used cooking oil since the trial began.

Duncan Woodhead, network protection technician at Yorkshire Water, said: “We’ve been delighted with the amount of liquid we’ve managed to collect already and are looking forward to offering this to more people, which will help us generate more renewable energy and further reduce the amount of fats, oils and greases entering our network.”

Yorkshire Water worked with Bradford Moor-based Karmand Community Centre to spread the message about the impact of pouring used cooking oil down the drain.

Nasa Hussain, project worker at the Karmand Centre, said: “By working together, Yorkshire Water and the Karmand Centre have succeeded in changing the way people in this small area of Bradford dispose of their cooking oil.

“Most people were unaware of what happened when oil was poured into the drains but this scheme has made a difference.”

Yorkshire Water invested £2.3 million in improving the area’s sewerage system last year and has since asked residents to get into the habit of pouring their waste cooking oil into the ‘fat vat’ containers.

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