Published On: Thu, May 21st, 2015 on 8:34 pm

Over 1000 say they’ll be attending a mass water fight in Bradford

EXCLUSIVE: Over 1,000 people have said they will be attending a mass water fight in Bradford in a few weeks time.

Water Fight

Unclear whether just a prank, 1,000 people say they will attend.

The free event advertised on social networking site Facebook, and open to anyone, will take place on 6 June as part of Bradford Freshers.

Unclear whether just a joke, the event page reads: “The weather forecast looks very promising for Saturday 6th June and as most people’s exams will be finishing we thought why not arrange something fun to celebrate.

“We will be providing some water pistols but do make sure you bring your own to avoid disappointment! Feel free to bring your own soft drinks and invite your friends!”

A location for the event has not been announced, but the event page says details will be announced 24 hours before the water fight takes place.

The Yorkshire Standard has attempted to contact the organisers and is awaiting a response.

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