Published On: Sun, Mar 30th, 2014 on 4:03 pm

Shocks and surprises as over 200 runners take part in Huddersfield zombie run

Huddersfield Zombie Run
Huddersfield Zombie Run
Huddersfield Zombie Run
Huddersfield Zombie Run
Huddersfield Zombie Run
Huddersfield Zombie RunHuddersfield Zombie RunHuddersfield Zombie RunHuddersfield Zombie RunHuddersfield Zombie Run

Over 200 people have braved running past hordes of zombies by taking part in a zombie run today.

Organised for the first-time ever by the Huddersfield Pendragon Round Table, runners both young and old raised money for charitable causes as zombies waited for them amidst Beaumont Park.

Every runner began with a downhill run into Dungeon Wood, as they made their way through a terrain of sharp inclines, wooded areas, gateways, tunnels and open parkland.

Huddersfield Pendragon Round Table spokesman Andrew Sparks told the Yorkshire Standard: “The event was wonderful and we had around 200 people register beforehand. Lots of people registered on the day so the number was higher.

“There was great effort put in by the zombies too, who gave up their own free time to volunteer.”

Students from university and other educational institutions played the role of zombies, and some people even came from Manchester just to take part.

Each zombie had a characteristic of its own.

Some were crawling and lumbering, while some ran after participants, trying to get tags that were attached on the runners backs by Velcro.

If a runner had at least one tag intact by the end of their run, they survived ‘uninfected’. There were also ‘brains’ and ‘hearts’ scattered around the park and runners had the optional task of collecting them to win prizes.

At 12pm, a shorter race for children was held with more “sympathetic” zombies.

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