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Over 500 kids in Yorkshire to ‘wake up homeless’ this Christmas

Homeless Children Christmas

Around 550 children in Yorkshire and the Humber will wake up homeless this Christmas, a UK charity has warned.

Shelter found that the number of homeless families living in bed and breakfast accommodation nationwide has almost doubled in three years.

Shelter conducted an investigation with 20 families in England currently or recently living in temporary accommodation, which also uncovered the realities they face.

Many families said they felt unsafe in their accommodation, with some of the worst accounts including exposure to drug and alcohol abuse, fighting, swearing and racist language.

The majority of families had to live in one room, share kitchen and bathroom facilities with strangers, and eat meals in their room on the bed or on the floor.

Over half of the families said their children’s mental or emotional health had been affected, including reports of depression, panic attacks and wetting the bed.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “No child should have to go through the trauma of losing their home, so it’s heart-breaking to think that 554 in Yorkshire and the Humber will wake up homeless this Christmas.

“In the 21st century it cannot be right that homeless children are experiencing severe emotional distress, facing three hour round trips to school and having to eat their dinner on the floor.”

Shelter has launched an emergency Christmas appeal to help those who have no home. To find out how you can help, please visit Shelter online or text SHELTER to 70060 to donate £3.

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