Published On: Thu, Feb 5th, 2015 on 4:04 pm

Parents angered after kids see Jordanian pilot burning to death on Facebook

EXCLUSIVE: Parents have voiced concern after their children saw photos of a Jordanian pilot whilst he burned to death on social networking site Facebook.

Moaz al-Kassasbeh Video

A screenshot (blurred afterwards) of a Facebook page sharing the image.

Terrorist group Islamic State (IS), also known as ISIS or ISIL, released a video online showing members setting alight Moaz al-Kassasbeh who had been taken hostage in December.

Militants captured him when his plane came down in northern Syria, during a mission against the terrorist group.

After the video was released, various Facebook pages shared images of what was reportedly Kassasbeh whilst he burned alive.

“We all know there are many children on Facebook”

Karen Fisher, a mother-of-two from Bradford, said: “My seven-year-old son knew about what took place, but he also told me he saw the pilot burned. I asked him where and he showed me a page belonging to a page belonging to a far-right group.

“The image is sickening and it can scar young minds so it’s unacceptable for social networking sites to not remove posts like this. We all know there are many children on Facebook.”

Ms Fisher claims to have reported the image for containing graphic violence but Facebook refused to remove it because it didn’t violate Community Standards. She also claims she told her friends too.

The Yorkshire Standard contacted Facebook and a statement could not be issued.

However, the Yorkshire Standard was referred to guidelines that mentions images are to be shared responsibly, and to raise awareness and condemn with an appropriate audience, but not being shared to celebrate or glorify violence.

Facebook claims to prohibit the sharing of any graphic content for sadistic pleasure, and videos of beheadings and graphic executions of this nature are removed as soon as they are reported.

Facebook also claims to use age gating tools to help content is seen by those who should see it – including restrictions on teens seeing such graphic content.

“Sharing nasty images for click bait”

Another parent who wanted to share his views, Sajad Ali from Shipley, blamed the pages using the image for trying to promote themselves and spread fear.

He said: “It is common for pages belonging to far-right groups like Britain First and the EDL sharing nasty images for click bait. It’s there to create a shock, and get people engaging.

“We already know what happened to the pilot by simply reading headlines and text. But sharing images of someone dying is disgusting and low.”

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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Facebook is no place for kids. Shame upon you as a parent.

  2. Paul says:

    Firstly there should be no kids on facebook that’s bad parenting as its quite clear its not for them and secondly what are they doing looking at right wing hate groups on it parents should stop blaming facebook and monitor what there kids are doing on the internet a bit more its not a built in babysitter.

  3. Bethan says:

    Yes, facebook are wrong for not removing these, because people have reported them and facebook refused to remove….but a 7 year old should not have a facebook account!

  4. Claire says:

    Problem with sites like Britain First is that they use ‘click bait’ pictures of puppy’s and ‘like if you support our troops’ images – as such, many people like the page and aren’t aware unless they read the comments of what the page is really about – and once you ‘like’ the BF page anything they post will appear on your wall – including horrific images like the one being discussed.(And it doesn’t mention if had was a facebook member or not – could have easily have seen it on someone else’s phone etc).

  5. stephen says:

    What parent lets her child have a facebook account, and what are they doing looking at far right hate groups such as Britain First! It won’t violate Facebook standards, because they are not that bothered, and also, they can’t be held accountable for parents having no sense in the first place.

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