Published On: Sat, Nov 15th, 2014 on 1:24 pm

Leeds petition to ban Britain First Facebook Page amasses 5000 signatures

Ban Britain First Petition

A petition calling social networking site Facebook to ban BNP splinter group Britain First has gained over 5,000 signatures.

Hosted on petition platform, the petition was created in July by a Leeds resident who wants to get rid of Britain First from Facebook “for good”.

The petitioner wrote: “Britain First are a far right wing political group who preach hatred particularly against Muslims. We find it intolerable that Facebook have refused to respond to requests to delete photos, comments or posts that are offensive and include threats of violence or even death.”

The petitioner also claims the page posted about an anti-fascist protester, which led to many “hateful messages including death threats”.

In June, Britain First’s Facebook page was removed from Facebook for hate speech only to be restored again an hour later.

It now has a backup page that it has been urging its supporters to join in case its official page is removed.

Britain First’s Facebook page boasts over 550,000 fans, which has currently made them more ‘Liked’ on Facebook than any other UK party.

It recently claimed it reached 51 million people in just one week.

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  1. Jay says:

    I find the beheading of a human being far more upsetting than a Facebook page, as a minimum at least a at can be held to account and are controlled to an extent, there followers are supporting for a reason, what is happening is unacceptable. Who was the last Muslim to stand up and say “Stop, this is wrong and brings persecution to Muslims worldwide”, I don’t know either, but I distinctly remember Muslims globally rioting because of cartoons about prophet Mohamed and how offended and angry the Muslim world to were, in reality the mechanism of fear hasn’t come from nowhere, it’s been fuelled by an ideology and global actions…….

  2. David Locke says:

    Standing up against hate doesn’t make you worried, or make you muslim or left wing, it makes you a decent human being.

  3. Pozy says:

    They preach hate

  4. Clifford Hall says:

    The Change petition is really not to be taken seriously. The ‘Penguin petition’ gained more signatories in moments.
    Has Britain First the “right’ to be on facebook? Answer: the same right as anyone else. The left/moslem people are obviously worried – which means that BF DO strike a chord with our people.

    • Neil says:

      BF don’t strike a chord for the right reasons ‘Clifford’. They intimidate old men and preach HATE.

    • Grace Coleman says:

      Britain First raves on about how they support freedom of speech.

      Except when it’s against them of course. Then the opposers are brainwashed, traitorous lefty scum.

      P.S. Nobody takes BF seriously. Nobody sees them as a threat, lol. They’re too incompetent to be seen as an actual viable option.

      Also the only reason that BF supporters think they represent the silent majority is because they delete any comment which doesn’t agree with them on their page (which is very unprofessional for a political party, as is their false statistics, overly-hostile attitude and general stupidity). If they kept those disagreeing comments, you’d realise how outnumbered the actual supporters are.

      Britain First is in denial.

    • Paul Delve says:

      Well said Clifford Hall…I like All post on Facebook by Britain first….They are sticking up for the British unlike the Police who have allowed themselves to become political and biased against Britain first….If these people do not like what BF has to say…”Do not look”…Simple!..

      • Otis says:

        Paul Delve obviously formulates his eloquent and logical replies by smacking his head repeatedly on the keyboard.

        Well done, Paul, but I think it’s time to go back to your crayons.

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