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Police dispel rumours as Nick Griffin attacks immigration following Leeds rape incident

A former chair of the British National Party (BNP) has attacked ‘mass immigration’ after a rape suspect was described as an Asian.

Nick Griffin BNP

Nick Griffin. Image: BNP.

Nick Griffin took to Twitter after an 18-year-old girl was raped at a bus stop in Beeston, Leeds, on 6 March.

The suspect was described as an Asian man and following the news, Mr Griffin posted an edited image on his Twitter account of police at the scene.

Attached to the image were the words: “Another day another dose of ‘enrichment’. Police are hunting an ‘Asian’ man after an 18-year-old girl was left for dead in mainly Muslim Beeston, Leeds, on Friday Night.”

It also read: “SHARE if you’ve had enough of this ‘diversity’ rubbish”.

Mr Griffin wrote his own comment on the tweet that read: “Only retweet if you understand mass immigration is a crime against women as well as against our children’s future”.

West Yorkshire Police said the incident was “not racially motivated,” and revealed that the victim was also Asian.

Detective Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton of Protective Services (Crime) said: “This is a crime that has shocked the local community. We carried out an information seek last night in the area and people told us how disgusted they were at what happened.

“I also want to put an end to unhelpful speculation that this was a racially motivated attack – the victim in this was Asian, as is the person we want to speak in connection with the incident. This was not racially motivated.”

Appeals have been launched following the incident.

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