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Police investigate site for comments made against Bradford election candidate

West Yorkshire Police are investigating a website containing details of an election candidate in the constituency of Bradford West.

Bradford West Hustings

At the Bradford West hustings event. Image: Riaz Ahmed/Studio68 Photography.

The Independent reported that an anonymous site made comments referring to Labour parliamentary candidate Naz Shah.

The Yorkshire Standard can reveal that various social media users were linking to a site, hosted on, containing information about the same candidate.

Detective Chief Inspector Jonathan Blackwell, from Bradford District Police, said: “Police have been made aware of a website containing details about an election candidate in Bradford and the matter is currently being investigated.”

With just a few weeks left until polling day, the electoral campaign in Bradford West has been dominated by heated exchanges between Respect and Labour supporters.

One fake Twitter account set up under the name of Ms Shah shared links to the site which claims that Shah is a “highly duplicitous character” who has spun a “fraudulent account of her life and her mother’s controversial past to a trusting media and Labour Party hierarchy”.

The site includes an email address members of the public are told they can contact if they would like to promote its material.

The site also urges its readers to vote for George Galloway, who has held the Bradford West seat for three years.

According to The Independent, the site is not connected with Mr Galloway or Respect.

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, it is illegal to make or publish a false statement about a candidate’s personal character or conduct.

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