Published On: Mon, Nov 3rd, 2014 on 8:21 pm

Prank goes wrong for YouTuber ‘stealing’ exhausts in Bradford

Stealing Car Exhaust Prank Gone Wrong

A prank went terribly wrong for one YouTube prankster, who tried fooling people into thinking he was stealing car exhausts in Bradford.

Speedo Shy, whose real name is Shayan Shayegani, came to the city to perform his latest prank for YouTube.

With his friend Mr Lee Marshall, they attempted to dupe the police by looking as though they were stealing the car exhaust, until officers jumped out and detained them until more officers arrived.

Speedo said: “I don’t aim for pranks to go wrong, and I weren’t expecting more police cars driving down the motorway, but it looks like that’s what the fans love.

“I knew I couldn’t get arrested for it and I was more concerned if I got tasered.”

A police officer told the pranksters: “Your prank went wrong tonight. Tonight, you need to be thinking about your actions, seriously, because that joke went well wrong.”

Speedo, who shows no signs of stopping his pranks, didn’t get arrested but got a parking ticket.

Warning: Video contains strong language.

In June, Speedo started pillow fights in Bradford’s city centre with random members of the public to prove people have a sense of humour “no matter where they live.”

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