Published On: Fri, Feb 20th, 2015 on 7:13 pm

Pro-Palestinian protesters reach 200-day milestone outside Bradford McDonald’s

EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Palestinian protesters campaigning outside McDonald’s in Bradford reached a 200-day milestone yesterday.

Bradford McDonalds Protest

Dozens have been gathering on a daily basis outside the eatery on Thornbury Road to “educate people about companies that support, fund or trade with Israel”.

The Yorkshire Standard first broke the story in November when the protesters reached their 100-day milestone.

The protesters now go under the name of the Passion4Palestine group.

“Where the people in power have failed, we will not”

Faisal Mohammed, a spokesperson for Passion4Palestine, said: “It feels great that we have got to this step and reached this milestone, and we’ve had over 5,000 people who have turned away in support of our campaign after protesters spoke to them.

“It hasn’t been as easy as we thought it would be to practice our basic right of freedom of speech and expression. It has been difficult.

“But we have no plans of stopping. We were individuals when we came together, but now we are like family. This is the start of us and we have big plans for many campaigns to come. Where the people in power have failed, we will not.”

A spokesperson from McDonald’s said: “We respect the right to protest outside our restaurants, but we ask that this is carried out peacefully and is not disruptive to our customers and employees.

“The safety and security of our customers and employees is our top priority and we will continue to work with the local police and community to ensure that any protests are conducted in a safe and peaceful manner.”

Local police have been monitoring the protests ever since they began.

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