Published On: Thu, Jan 15th, 2015 on 1:50 pm

Protest to be held in Bradford over ‘Western hypocrisy on free speech’

Charlie Hebdo Je Suis Charlie

EXCLUSIVE: Bradford residents are planning to protest over what they believe is hypocrisy of free speech in the West.

The plan to protest comes a day after French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo went back into business and depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammed on its cover.

The magazine made the controversial yet bold move after masked gunmen stormed its Paris offices and killed 12 people last week.

Soon after the attacks took place, a unity march took place on the streets of Paris that attracted over one million people.

More than 40 world leaders joined at the start, linking arms in an act of solidarity.

The organiser of the upcoming Bradford protest, who requested to remain anonymous, said: “The double standards and hypocrisy displayed by the West is staggering.

“Where were the world leaders when the 150 children were killed in Peshawar or the hundreds killed in Nigeria? There was no unity march for them. Obviously not all blood is valued equally.”

The organiser also believes that Muslims are being victimised in the wake of the Paris attacks.

He added: “Offending the Muslim community has almost become fashionable and blaming the entire Muslim community of two billion people for the murderous acts of two Al-Qaeda terrorists is unforgivable and can never be acceptable.

“The protest will be held to raise awareness and educate people, but more importantly provide them with a route to peacefully express themselves and their emotions.”

The protest will take place on 17 January in Bradford’s City Park at 7.30pm.

Those attending will include George Galloway MP for Bradford West, faith leaders and others.

Over 500 people have said they will be attending on social media.

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  1. Crack says:

    I agree that all Muslims are not religious fanatics and should be left to live in peace. But by the same yardstick I hope they have the guts to declare themselves as such and openly condemn the evil acts of the fanatics.

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