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Protesters to demonstrate outside UKIP election launch in Bradford

UKIP Placard

A UKIP placard in Bradford. Image: Bradford UKIP.

EXCLUSIVE: Residents in Bradford have announced plans to demonstrate outside a UKIP party election launch taking place tomorrow.

The protest will be a “collective endeavor” by students and the community whilst Bradford’s UKIP branch host their launch at the Midland Hotel.

Organiser of the protest and NUS black students campaigner, Zekarias Haileselassie, said: “One of the main reasons we’re holding this protest is simply to show the fact we will not tolerate the racist views spouted by UKIP including their policies that target immigrants, and make education less accessible to students from lower economic backgrounds.

“It’s a collective endeavor between the students and the community. We want to make sure we stand up against UKIP’s views, intolerance and bigotry.”

The protest has allegedly received support from various grass-root organisations and trade unions.


Chair of Bradford’s UKIP branch, Jason Smith, said he was unaware of the event taking place but “welcomes” the right for people to protest.

He said: “They’re campaigning against a party which is campaigning to abolish tuition fees and three of the speakers at the event are ethnic people.

“We welcome the right for people to protest, but I’m not sure what these people are out to achieve.”

Do UKIP have the right to host their election campaign in peace? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. UKIP Kiddie says:

    It is impossible to have an intelligent discussion with these people because all they do is rant, rave and make unsound and untruthful accusations. They are not interested in the truth, only their ‘truth’. They do not represent any sane, logical point of view, they just shout down anyone who disagrees with them. At least UKIP will listen and debate with their opponents.

  2. John Traynor says:

    UKIP are rejected by anyone sane, intelligent and moral. It is a horrible mob of bigots, liars and filth.

  3. John says:

    ‘Organiser of the protest and NUS black students campaigner, Zekarias Haileselassie’ – can white people join this organisation or is it only for black people?

    Funny old world, racists protesting about racism.

  4. Vi says:

    If UKIP are so racist then why are so many members of ethnic minorities are standing and campaigning for them. Half the candidates for UKIP Bradford are from ethnic minorities.
    Perhaps these students should stop believing the propaganda and maybe just listen to the speakers.

  5. Dave says:

    No political party has the right to start an election campaign ‘in peace’, they are running for public office and as such must be prepared to deal with opposition from members of the public whom disagree with them, as chairman Jason Smith seems happy to do.

    Also saying “three of the speakers at the event are ethnic people.” as a defence is the same as saying “But I’m not racist, two of my friends are black!” etc. If your policies are going to disproportionately hurt ethnic minorities (Which, looking at UKIP’s policies, they certainly will) then it doesn’t matter how many black/brown etc. people you have in your party.

    • Cllr George Firth says:

      With the greatest respect Dave but have you actually taken the time to read what policies have been released and digested them.
      How can a first come first serve points based system for all nations be discriminatory.
      While the Open door to EU and restricted one to all countries outside of the EU isn’t.
      Erm how does that work.
      If anything the system we have now is more against ethnic minorities they ever before.
      Wake up man and look at how many from Non EU nations would love to come here but can’t just because they are restricted purely on where they come from while those within the EU can move freely.
      If anything the party’s you should be protesting against is any that support the EU Open Door.

    • wilcox says:

      People cannot win with twisted logic like yours, Dave. You’re a strange bloke who should actually take time to read UKIP’s manifesto points rather than the nonsense spouted by the SWP nonsense collective.

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