Published On: Fri, Jun 27th, 2014 on 10:42 am

Protestors to raise voice over zero-hour contracts in Bradford tomorrow

Youth Fight For Jobs

A fast food rights movement is holding a protest tomorrow over low pay and zero-hour contracts in a bid to fight exploitation.

The Youth Fight for Jobs movement, supported by the Fast Food Rights campaign initiated by the Baker’s, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), also plan to enter local restaurants and coffee shops to leaflet staff about the campaign and inform people of their rights at work.

Recently, the Office for National Statistics estimated that employers held 1.4 million contracts with workers that did not guarantee a minimum number of hours.

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire organiser at Youth Fight for Jobs, said: “It’s been inspiring to see tens of thousands of fast food workers in the U.S. standing up for themselves and decent jobs over the past few months.

“We want to build a similar movement here that can put an end to poverty jobs so that ordinary people benefit from economic recovery, not just the already wealthy.”

Zero-hour contracts normally mean there is no obligation for employers to offer work, or for workers to accept it, and most will give staff ‘worker’ employment status.

Workers have no guaranteed hours and are not entitled to holiday pay.

The Youth Fight for Jobs movement calls for zero-hour contracts to be banned and for the National Minimum Wage to be increased to at least £10 an hour, a similar level to what workers in Seattle recently won after a major campaign was led by the $15Now campaign.

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