Published On: Sun, Mar 8th, 2015 on 5:15 pm

Respect MP demands Labour to reveal Blair’s £106k donation list

A Bradford MP has demanded that Labour make public the candidates and constituencies who have accepted £1,000 from former prime minister Tony Blair.

George Galloway

George Galloway MP.

George Galloway MP for Bradford West made the demand following a £106,000 election donation made by Mr Blair to local campaigns in each of Labour’s 106 key target seats.

Mr Galloway, who referred to the donation as ‘blood money’, said: “We know that Tony Blair has offered £1000 to 106 constituencies and some we know have rejected donations from this blood-stained man, who took us into a war on false pretences in which up to a million people died.

“Labour must today publish the list of where this money has gone. Those who took it and those who have refused it out of principle. The electorate needs to know. Because all great Neptune’s oceans will never wash this money clean, those that accept it, or Blair’s hands.”

The Respect party MP has also questioned local Labour opposition and another Bradford candidate on whether they took the donation or refused.

In a letter to candidates, Mr Blair reportedly wrote: “I know how hard it can be to raise money to fund a local campaign, but for you, in one of our 106 battleground seats, it is even more vital. This is where the election will be won for Labour and that is why I am making a donation to all 106 campaigns.

“As one of our key seat candidates you know better than most the scale of the challenge we face, but I have every confidence that with your drive, determination and organisational skills, you will deliver a successful local campaign that will also see our party returned to government.”

One Labour candidate standing for the Dundee East Westminster seat in the general election claimed to have refused the donation.

Cllr Lesley Brennan tweeted: “Received donation from Tony Blair. Instinct was to not accept. Discussed with team. Dundee East is not accepting the £1000.”

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